Is the Canadian Citizenship Test Difficult? How to Prepare for It?

With a success chance of between 70 and 80 percent, the Canadian citizenship test is considered fairly difficult for new residents of this country. You can’t pass it with the knowledge you have acquired in the last five years living here. The test goes beyond the general knowledge you would gain during this time.
So, how hard is the Canadian citizenship test? Can you pass it on first attempt? How to prepare for it to increase your chances of success?
This post will answer these questions.

How Hard is the Canadian Citizenship Test?

The Canadian citizenship test is quite hard for candidates who cannot pass it without studying the relevant guide. In other words, don’t rely on your knowledge of the Canadian system’s laws and regulations to pass it.
On the face of it, you wouldn’t find the test too difficult. You can choose to take it in English or French. It will take thirty minutes and you have to attempt only twenty questions within this time. In other words, you have one and a half minutes to attempt each question. And you will do well if you have attempted only fifteen out of these twenty questions correctly.

How to Study for the Test

The Canadian immigration authorities have compiled the guide, Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship for this test. You can study this material online or download it to read it on paper.
The guide includes all topics that will be tested in the citizenship test including history, geography, government, laws, economy, and symbols of Canada.
Establish Pass Strategy
Studying for the test may not be enough for most people with busy schedules and lots of tasks on their to-do lists. If you feel that studying a complete guide is too difficult for you, you can get help from a study partner who will feed you tinier portions of the study material at every sitting.
Once you have studied the guide, and have noted all the topics that can cause revision issues for you, it’s time to start revising for the citizenship test. Test topic areas separately to indicate your weaknesses and revise the study material where necessary.
The last step of preparing for the test will include improving your test-taking strategy. You will only dive into this phase after you have strengthened your grip on all topic areas. You can hone your test-taking skills by attempting as many practice tests as you need to score a pass. It’s better if you consecutively achieve a pass at least three times before calling your preparation complete.

Take Away

Canadian citizenship test offers an easy format. But don’t take it too easy. The test includes questions that even a Canada-born citizen may struggle to answer. Your only bet to pass this test on the first attempt is to prepare well using the preparation guide recommended by the immigration authority. Don’t forget to complete the preparation with adequate revision and practice of mock tests.

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