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Canada has a strong migrant population, and we would like to welcome you to our beautiful country. We know that the next step on your journey with us is to become a citizen, and we want to help you do just that.

Canadian Citizenship Tests is an educational resource offering comprehensive test questions to help aspiring citizens prepare for their Canadian citizenship test.

Not all citizenship practice tests are the same. So, we aim to be different and give you the right tools you need to pass your test your first time.

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We are a tech-focused team, and we realized that the better way to study for the Canadian citizenship test would be through practice test questions. The resources available were limited, and we wanted to be the innovative difference. So, we created our platform to give more people access to Canadian citizenship test questions and answers to practice.

Our vision is to offer a more impactful space for learning. Our goal is to ensure you can learn more about what to expect on the test and get ready to pass when you’re ready to sit the test.

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  • People-centred services. We believe in mutual respect, diversity, integrity, and citizenship.
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  • Simplicity in our innovativeness. While we constantly work on updating what we offer as well as our platform, we try to make the resources as simple to use as possible.

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