Should You Buy a Car for an Australian Tour or Rent It?

So, you are traveling to Australia in the coming weeks. What are your plans for commuting and staying? Do you plan to rent a car to travel around the country? Or do you think buying a car will be a more viable option for you? As a Canadian citizen, you are eligible to drive in Australia using your Canadian driving license. But should you get one?
Before you decide on one of these options, ask yourself these questions:

What is the Duration of the Visit?

Understandably, you wouldn’t want to invest in a car in Australia if you plan on reselling it within two weeks of purchase. Likewise, you don’t need to buy a car here if your stay is shorter than a month.
Although the cost of car rental may pile up quickly, the hassle involved in searching for the right car, getting several Revs check free of cost before graduating to a paid car history check for the most suitable car to avoid hidden liability, and completing the registration process isn’t worth it. Because time is money, you should spend it on value-adding experiences like site-seeing and exploring local attractions instead of penny-pinching.

What is Your Destination?

Large cities in Australia have developed transportation systems. You will find different options for bus passes to help you commute between your hotel and office. These passes will keep costs down substantially when compared to taking cabs in Australia but you may want to save time by preferring the latter.

What Traveling Style Did You Choose?

Australia is a pretty safe country for tourists. You can roam around in the country without fearing getting mugged or harmed. Still, some travelers prefer traveling in style instead of backpacking. If you are one of those people, you will find that car rental will soon turn your budget upside down within only a couple of weeks.
While backpackers are advised to keep costs down in Australia by searching the most economic routes and transport options, luxury travelers should get a car if their stay there is longer than two weeks.

What is the Purpose of Your Visit?

Are you going to Australia on your work-related or business trip? You should rely on the transport provided by your office or partner to travel around. You can rely on public transport in the absence of such a traveling facility from the office. Business trips will have different demands when it comes to transport. So, you need to consider your business needs while choosing between renting or buying a car.
On the other hand, those foreigners who are arriving in Australia as tourists will find that getting their car is an easier option for them. Again, keep the primary rule of the length of stay. You don’t want to get a car for a trip that’s shorter than a fortnight.

Take Away

There are several things you should consider when buying a car in Australia. You need to consider your trip’s purpose, length, and destination. If these factors fail to help with the choice, get a car for every visit that drags beyond two weeks.

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