Car VS Campervan for Cross-Canada Road Trip

So you are at the planning stage for your cross-Canada vacations. You could take a train to see the most loved attractions. But that will leave you unsatisfied and unfulfilled as you cannot delve deeper into the experience.
If you’ve got enough time, getting your transport will offer unparalleled freedom and autonomy. But which vehicle should you get? A car will be easier to rent or buy but campervans will offer more freedom and ease.
Here is everything you should consider to decide between the two options.

Ease of Acquiring

As a rule of thumb, cars are more easily available than special-purpose recreational vehicles. You will get multiple options for rental or purchase among cars. For campervans, you may have to search thoroughly and start early to get the best options.
Plus, you can also use your car after the trip is over if you are a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.

Specialized Driving License

The requirement for a specialized driving license may not concern you if you have already passed your LGV theory test and driving test and have earned the license. But if you only know to drive cars, you may not explore the option of getting a campervan in Canada. Surprisingly, this lack of license shouldn’t worry you because the Canadian road authority allows foreigners to drive campervans with a regular driving license from their home country.


No doubt car rentals are way lower than those of campervans. But you should also consider the savings that accompany campervan traveling. To rest, you only have to park your campervan in a campground which is a more economical option than booking rooms in hotels.


You will find that you can bring your lifestyle with you when you are traveling in a campervan. You have your vicinity and you can build the whole environment to comfort you. On the other hand, cars will only transport you from your destination to your resting place. You will have a new environment to settle down in every other night. Campervan also allows you to enjoy the rewards of your cooking skills.
Campervans bring more freedom to you but they also limit you. You cannot drive on difficult roads especially when you aren’t confident in your driving skills.

Difficulty of Travel

Although tourists claim campervan travels to be highly rewarding, you will find that they aren’t the easiest or most comfortable of the two options. Just like planning for your night stay in advance when you are driving a car, you need to know the camping spots beforehand if you are driving a campervan. At the same time, searching for campervan parking is made more difficult because of the relatively lower popularity of this mode of traveling.
But if you are an expert in making arrangements, you will find that a campervan is easier as it doesn’t require you to pack and unpack your luggage at every destination.

Take Away

You can choose between campervan and car driving when touring Canada. Both options have their perks, limitations, and experiences and will attract a certain set of people against others. You have to consider your circumstances to decide which option suits you best.

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