Can You be a Dual Citizen of Australia and Canada

Dual citizenship or nationality opens up doors to many economic benefits. You have more options for career growth and you can choose to live with your family and extended family even if they live continents apart. People also go for dual nationalities because of the cost of living or medical reasons.
But getting dual citizenship isn’t always an option. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to hold dual nationality. If you are looking to get a second nationality after passing the Australian citizenship test and becoming an Australian citizen, know that you are allowed to do so by the Australian government.
Here is everything you need to know to get a second nationality as an Aussie.

What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship is a scenario in which one person is a resident of two different countries at the same time. If you have dual nationality, you have to abide by the laws of both countries and will be eligible for your citizenship right from both.
Sometimes, you can have the nationality of a country even if you don’t want it. Here are a few ways people get citizenship in other countries:
Because of their parents who hold the nationality of a country,
By marrying a citizen of a country,
By applying for the nationality of a country, and
When born in a country.
Note that some countries require their citizens to render some obligatory duties like serving in the military for a definite period or paying taxes on their income even if earned outside of the said country. In return, you get the right to vote and participate in politics. You may also become eligible for other citizenship rights offered by the country including free education and healthcare where applicable.

Does Australia Allows Dual Citizenship?

If you want to become an Australian citizen and want to remain a citizen of your birth country or want to obtain another citizenship in addition to Australian nationality, you may want to enquire about the possibility of Australia allowing such a condition. Note that Australia allows its citizens to hold dual or multiple nationalities.
Your next step is to question if the other country whose nationality you are seeking will allow dual nationalities or not. Check out their immigration and citizenship information to find out.

Can You Get Dual Nationality in Canada and Australia?

If you are a Canadian national or are seeking Canadian nationality as an Aussie, note that just like Australia, Canada also allows its citizens to hold dual nationality. You can also apply for Australian citizenship as a Canadian without worrying about your nationality by birth.
In short, you can be a citizen of both Australia and Canada at the same time. Go ahead and prepare for Australian citizenship by integrating into society, learning about the culture, completing residence and work requirements, and passing the Australian citizenship test. A similar process will be applied if you are emigrating from Australia to Canada including completing the residence requirement and passing the Canadian citizenship test.

Take Away

If your reason to get Australian citizenship is to hold dual nationalities to acquire location freedom, you can rest assured that Australia allows its citizens to hold more than one nationality. This second country can easily be Canada because it also permits dual citizenship among its residents.

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